About me

Hi, I’m Daniel, a graduate trainer and nutrition expert. Almost all of my conscious life is sports-related.  I’ve been practicing and competing  in a  number of sports through the years,  like boxing, kickboxing, freerun, bodybuilding and functional fitness. Also have been participating in charity sporting events as a judge and jury.

In 2017 I graduated National Sports Academy – “NSA – Vasil Levski, Sofia” with a coaching degree . Since then, I started my mission to pass on my experience and knowledge to people seeking a healthier and more fulfilling lifestyle. And I successfully helped many such people to improve their shape, physical condition and to achieve their fitness goals. If you’re striving for that, you’re only a click away!

Why turn to me? What makes me different?

I would say that first of all, it is my unwavering desire to bring YOU to the dream results. I also dare to say that my fitness programs are the easiest transition from the chips and coke to a new healthy lifestyle.

You won’t have to eat the same thing throughout the whole regimen or starve yourself, nor face the insurmountable challenge of forgetting about your favorite foods. You will not be required  to go to the gym if that bothers you, as I can tailor your program to do at home. You will be full of energy, your brain and body will get the nutrients you need to work as efficiently as possible, work and live on to a new level, like an improved version of yourself!
If you lack the motivation, visit my website, my facebook page, or just write to me and I will help you achieve your dream!






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