Perhaps this is a topic of interest to most people who want to start eating right. We have probably all heard the excuse that it is expensive and it’s not for everyone. But is it really so?

When we talk about healthy eating, we often associate it with exotic foods, specialty grocery organic stores, expensive products and more costs than necessary. In fact, this is far from the truth. Although there are quite a few expensive products in stores that are considered healthy, they often have a cheaper alternative on the market that is not worse in nutritional composition if we know what to look for, of course. On the other hand, many of the quality and healthy foods are at affordable prices.

Consider salmon – a relatively expensive fish, good protein, rich in valuable Omega-3 fatty acids, imported from abroad. Its average price per kilogram in Bulgaria is about 35 BGN. The alternative for us would be а kilo of trout, which is also a quality protein, Bulgarian catch, which automatically means a fresh product, also high in Omega-3, with an average price of 11 BGN per kilogram.

Another example for people trying to get more protein in their diet is the meat that is consumed the most in our country:

  • per 1 kg of pork fillet – the average price is about 10 BGN
  • per 1 kg of beef counterfeit – the price is about 19 BGN


As an cheaper alternative, we can also get premium protein from the following products:

  • eggs – about 3 lv for 10 pcs.
  • cottage cheese – less than 2 BGN per kilogram


Average prices for other healthy products:

  • 1 kg of vegetables from a bulgarian producer – 3/4 BGN
  • 1 kg of fruits from a bulgarian producer – 3 BGN
  • 1 kg of whole grains – about 4/5 BGN
  • 1 kg of beans – 4/5 BGN


For reference, the average costs of some mass-purchased unhealthy foods:

  • 1 kg of chocolate products – 18/20 BGN
  • 1 bottle of quality alcohol – over 20 BGN
  • 1 kg of pizza – about 20 BGN
  • 1 kg of salami – 10/20 BGN
  • 1 kg of chips – 10-15 BGN

Almost always, when I make nutrition programs for my clients or myself, I also calculate the budget needed for the month. It turns out that they are needed… Attention … ONLY ABOUT 150 BGN  monthly to buy all the foods in the diet.

So I wouldn’t say it is particularly expensive to eat healthy. But even if it were, does our health have a price? And if so, is it higher than the price of the medicines, if they were able to compensate for it?

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